What’s Your Goal?

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What’s Your Goal?

Summit Business Growth Group at the Royal York Hotel on the 17th April

Made in YORK members get a 60% promotional discount!

What does business success look like for you?  More Sales, More Profit and More Cash in the Bank… 


So do you have defined business goals you will be working towards next quarter and beyond that will help you achieve just that?

Beginning with the end, having a clear view of what are the outcome or business results you want to achieve and then taking focused and disciplined action to achieve them is key to your success.   At the Summit Business Growth Group I will be sharing with you a proven success formula to enable you to focus on your business result like never before and yes, I will also be sharing many tips and strategies that you will be able to take away and implement in your business to help you achieve those challenging business goals

Is it time to raise the bar?

If you are answering Yes and would like to take time out from working IN your business and to invest some time to working ON your business, then please click on the link below and join me and other like-minded business owners at the Summit Business Growth Group.

Please enter the promotional code MIY to access the Made in York 60% promotional discount. 

Discount code expires 31st March and places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.


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Interested in coming to an exclusive FREE taster session after the Made in YORK morning meeting on 10th April at the Fairfield Manor Hotel?

We don't even have to go to another room!

Just hang around after the April MIY meeting for a Born Leaders experience!  Meeting will be held from 10.30am to 1pm with refreshments. Places are limited. Visit and select ‘try before you buy’ to book your place on a FREE taster or contact Sharyn on 07884 234127.


Do you sometimes feel isolated as you lead your organisation and manage your team? Would you like the opportunity to meet regularly to discuss your challenges and speak to other like-minded people?

I am bringing Born Leaders Peer Groups to York.

These are diverse groups (with a sector/gender/ethnic mix) of 12-15 business owners meeting once a month in a safe, confidential environment specifically to help each other with their current, strategic challenge.

We do this by harnessing the collective insight, experience and common sense of the people around the table to help you with your current challenge - because what is often blindingly obvious to the people around the table about you, your organisation and your current challenge is not necessarily blindingly obvious to you.

Would you like to experience this FOR FREE?

The purpose of each taster is to allow interested, interesting people the chance to experience diverse cross sector peer group help/support and decide what, if anything, they would like to do as a result. It is amazing how much help we can get from people in other sectors, let alone other businesses!

All our meetings (whether that's ongoing groups or a taster) are about developing businesses (and their leaders) rather than 'business development'. Their only purpose is to help each other with strategic challenges and specifically to ignore short term, tactical 'urges', for want of a better expression.

Put another way, people don't become members in order to do business with each another, rather to help each other to grow and develop themselves and their organisations.

Our simple 'rules' for a meeting (ongoing group or taster) are:

  • Be open, objective, impartial, honest, supportive, helpful, clear, and concise
  • Respect the Chatham House Rule
  • Do not pitch, sell, showboat or 'network'

I am looking forward to seeing you soon

Sharyn Coleman

PS Assuming you like it (and we know you will!) we have secured 100% funding for 1 taster and 50% funding for the first 2 months of membership to one of our groups, available for employees of organisations based Yorkshire.

Our initial aim in York is to create 2 groups - One Born Leaders group and One Wolf Pack group, WILL YOU BE PART OF ONE?



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Want to submit an article for publication in the Made in YORK newsletter next week

Send articles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (max 200 words).


Want to present your business at this Made in YORK event 26 March?

Email John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for info or details of your presentation.


Don’t forget to grab a seat for Friday 13 March. Places limited to 30 attendees.

Any questions just email John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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Learn to do PR in a day.

Do you want to get your small business in the papers, on TV, in magazines or on blogs? 

Can't afford to pay for adverts or a PR company? 

Well now you can learn to do your own PR in just one day!

View this event:

FREE Workshop

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FREE Workshop


Increasing your profitability with sales skills and time management tools

Presented Lifeline PA Services & Sandler Training. Your hosts will be Made in YORK members: Alison Rothwell, Simon Barker & Tony Goodwin.

To view and book the event click here:

Come and join us for this free workshop, refreshments and a light breakfast will be provided, there will be the opportunity for a bit of networking followed by two sessions the details of which are as follows:

Free cloud based tools for small businesses

There’s a wealth of free or very low cost tools out there for small businesses if you just know where to look. Alison of Lifeline PA Services is going to discuss a few of them and share with you how invaluable she finds their use in running her business.

  • CRM systems

  • Financial tools

  • Project and time management tools

  • ……and many more

Are you a reluctant Sales Person?

Are you really good at what you do but not comfortable in a selling role. Have ambitions to grow but finding something is holding you back?

The sort of people who will get the most out of this event are professionals “living in the misery” of these sorts of problems:

  • lack of new business pipeline

  • getting to meetings but not closing enough business

  • pressure to discount

  • or getting caught up in giving free consulting

 To view and book the event click here:


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On Saturday 20th December at Heworth Community Centre AFFED have organised a sponsored Dance-A-Thon to raise money to build schools in some of the poorest areas in Africa.  The event is 12 noon until 4:00pm and is open to all ages and all abilities for people want to have fun and raise money for a good cause.

Everyone is welcome so come along!

If you are a business owner and would like to help sponsor the event get in touch with Helen Gavin Community Fundraising Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Helen Gavin

Community Fundraising Officer


Tel: +44 (0)7813525371


The Great Yorkshire Fringe

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The Great Yorkshire Fringe

This brilliant comedy event will be taking place next year between July 24th and August 2nd 2015 in a similar vein to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Acts are to be announced in November!


For more information see:


Follow us on Twitter @yorkfringe