What’s on offer for FREE on October 1st?

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What’s on offer for FREE on October 1st?

As part of the York 50+ festival, Coaching York is offering free half-hour coaching taster sessions with one of our professionally trained, qualified and experienced coaches.

What happens in the coaching taster session?

What happens is largely up to you - you decide the subject you want to cover. The coach will ask questions to help you to explore your topic and aim to identify at least one practical step to start moving you forward.

Where do I meet my coach?

Coaching sessions will be held at York St John University, Skell Building (ground floor) Lord Mayor’s Walk YO31 7EX

Coaches will be available from 12.30 to 8pm.

How do I book my session?

Easy! Just call Pam Wells on 07812 598803

Coaching - what’s that?

Coaching gives you an opportunity to step back, take stock, and enjoy a creative, thought-provoking conversation. Coaching can help you get new insights into a specific issue or expand your perspective on life more generally. Coaching is forward-looking and practical, and aims to increase your confidence in your ability to take realistic and meaningful steps to meet your objectives.

Where can I find out more about Coaching York?

Please visit the Coaching York website at
…where you’ll find more about who we are and what we do. The information includes benefits, the different types of coaching, coach training and professional associations. You can also search our listings to find a coach.

Or call Pam Wells on 07812 598803 who would be happy to tell you more.

Part 2. B2B networking events - now try this.

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Part 2. B2B networking events - now try this.

Ever heard the expression “people buy from people”?
Presuming you have here’s how to get a return from your B2B networking.

Understand How Networking Works
It’s easy to spot the serial networkers “working the room”. They are the ones with synchronised handshakes and business card thrusts. Avoid them, watch how they perform and then adopt quite the reverse. Speak to people yes but use your ears too. Be interested in them and they may even ask you for a card. No crime in that.

Enjoy The Events You Attend
Human behaviour is very easy to read. So if you’re cheesed off at an event it will show and you will stand out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons. So now you have to deliver an Oscar winning performance to engage with anyone at all. It’s not going to happen, you will leave and vow never to attend again but you will and so the process repeats which is why you hate networking. So find a group you can enjoy because people are being themselves not a Daniel Day Lewis wannabe.

Who’s Running The Group?
It’s also important to know what organisation or who is running the show. Is the networking group privately owned for profit or council run to boost the local business community? Understanding the ethos, motivation and cost attached by the management of the group can help you make an informed decision whether to attend, join or not. Choose a group that suits you, your morals and allows you to be you. Be yourself, be open, listen, listen, listen, speak, enjoy, be sincere. The rest will follow.

Part 1 of 2. B2B networking events - don’t even bother.

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Part 1 of 2. B2B networking events - don’t even bother.

Any of the following apply to you?

Get In Get Out Strategy

If you intend to swoop in to an event to grab as many business cards as possible and squeeze in as many 60 second sales pitches as you can to complete strangers. Don't even bother attending.

I Hate These Events

Repeatedly attending the same events, seeing the same people and achieving the same results? Then you probably hate attending and think all networking events are the same so forget it!

Networking is Bull Anyway

B2B networking events are the biggest pain, bore, endurance and waste of time ever. If that’s you then be assured you are wasting your time so don't bother attending.

Some suggestions based on my 20 years experience will follow in Part 2 of 2 tomorrow.


Made in YORK is ..........

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Made in YORK is NOT about charging members £300+ per year, hiring rooms and cramming in as many people as we can at £12 per event.

To view our events click here:

  • No forced business card swapping
  • No referrals demanded
  • Just decent business people meeting to communicate in person

We offer a "pay as you attend" ticket option so you can come along, experience the atmosphere and chat to our members. We are 100% confident you will want to join.

12 months paid membership of Made in YORK is £50.00 + vat and provides the following benefits:

  • FREE attendance to ALL our afternoon events
  • FREE attendance to ALL our breakfast events
  • FREE access to the membership database
  • FREE entry in our online business directory

To join click here:


Can your hotel or meeting venue help ?

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Calling ALL Yorkshire hotels and meeting venues with BIG car parks!


It is with huge regret that the venue we used for the Made in LEEDS B2B networking events has closed down with immediate effect which means we have had to cancel all our 2014 - 2015 events on Greek Street. We sincerely wish the staff at the Giraffe Bar & Grill all the very best for the future and thank them for all their support.


New Venues Required

However Made in LEEDS got so many enquiries from businesses that did not trade from an LS post code we are going to introduce even more B2B networking events but under the banner of Made in YORKSHIRE so no matter where you are based (Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate etc) you can come along.

We are initially looking at different venues with free car parking facilities in Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate so will be posting more news soon. We will initially be holding 1 breakfast event per month (8:30am – 10:30am) and 1 afternoon event per month (4:00pm – 6:00pm).


Can your hotel or meeting venue help ?

So if your hotel or meeting venue can provide a meeting room with screen and projector and cater for up to 30 people we want to hear from you. Please contact John Lloyd-Hughes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

​What does “low cost entry” business networking mean?

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What does “low cost entry” business networking mean?

The Made in LEEDS annual membership fee is £50 + vat meaning you get FREE attendance to ALL our events. Or you can pay a £5.93 attendance fee per event whichever you prefer. All attendees pay £5 on the day directly to the Giraffe Bar & Grill for their breakfast, drinks, staff and venue facilities. Cost will never be a barrier to joining Made in LEEDS.

Please take a look at our 2014 – 2015 events list and if you can make it to Greek Street on Thursday 12 June even better.

We can do anything we want !

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If you have not booked yet and are attending on Thursday 12 June please book on this week:

We would like to avoid the scenario of last minute bookings if possible which makes the planning and catering a little easier so your help in booking earlier would be appreciated.


Remember as a group Made in LEEDS can do anything we want so as part of our meeting on Thursday 12 June if you would like to make any comments or suggestions for the meetings moving forwards that would be great.


For Example

We could introduce some afternoon events with more structure where members could do extended presentations. These could be followed by a group debates on a specific subject eg marketing, social media, new business generation etc which would be beneficial to everyone. But you have to be there to make a contribution!


So come on get booked:


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INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK 19th – 24th May - an exciting programme of events on offer to the people of York. Run by Coaching York, an association of professionally trained, qualified and experienced coaches.

FREE coaching taster sessions are being offered to the community to let people experience the benefits of coaching for themselves. Coaching is a process that often results in the identification of goals or action plans that are centred on what you want to achieve in life and are perhaps 'stuck on'. Coaching helps people unlock their potential and have a positive perspective on work and life.

Typical subjects for discussion are personal or business topics such as developing a career plan, becoming 'unstuck' with something, working out how to get something difficult done, or making progress with a particular personal challenge, developing improved working relationships with others, creating different ways of working for individuals or teams, effective time management, achieving and delivering objectives.

ICW is a global event now in its 10th Year but this will be York’s first opportunity to participate and invite the whole community to experience the potential benefits of coaching. it is all about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance in whichever area of their lives they feel challenged. Coaching encourages self–learning and enables people to make good decisions for themselves, often focused on specific goals.