Host a Made in YORK afternoon event

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Host a Made in YORK afternoon event!

This year we agreed to draw up a list of dates where other paid members can host/present our afternoon events.

In terms of co-ordinating, promoting and managing the administration of the events of course I will still do all those things but you would be 100% in charge of the content and meeting format!

Traditionally our afternoon events have had 3 or 4 mini presentations followed by a group discussion. I think the group discussion worked well so perhaps that is something that could be developed more. If still want some presentations should we dispense with the projector and screen to keeps things simpler and more personal?

So far Mark Hind, Debbie Pickering, Jane Fisher, Mark Harris, John Bramwell and Ally Hayes have expressed an interest in hosting. Please get in touch if you would also like to present an event.

Below are dates and links to all our 2017 afternoon events.

If you want to present an event please let me know which event you would like to host asap this week so we can get a schedule drawn up and dates in the diary.

Thursday 23 March

Thursday 27 April

Thursday 25 May

Thursday 22 June

Thursday 26 October

Thursday 23 November

Any questions please ask.

Thank you.


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